Halcyon for BIM

Halcyon can act as a platform helping you to deliver BIM Level 2 and above, ensuring the accurate delivery of information and allowing easy integration of the collected data to the Asset Information Models. Asset information Requirements (AIR) and Employers Information Requirements (EIR) can be defined as data and document requirements in Halcyon and then it acts as a hub for your entire supply chain to ensure they are delivering against your needs and at the right time.

Halcyon is also the world’s first blockchain enabled BIM tool, acting as a version control system for all of asset data and documents, as well as project comms. This gives a full recording and audit trail of your data reducing risk, disputes, transaction costs and ensuring a robust management of change.

Halycon data can be displayed directly into Revit or other design tools.

Halcyon allows you to simply manage the input, approval and delivery of your asset information export and integrate (COBie or any data schema)

Project teams can plan and track all information delivery related tasks and you can expose you . Online reports inform project teams of data  and asset information completion and progress.