Brownfield Data Remediation

Client required a rapid assessment of an existing asset dataset to understand the level of data correctness and completion against their CFIHOS based class library and, consistency across systems and sources.


In addition to multiple data sources and submissions at different levels of maturity the asset data was delivered against class library that was still in development at the time of data delivery.

An example of our Data Quality Report
An example of our Data Quality Report.

Work Undertaken

  • Deploy class library and load in data from multiple source systems
  • Produce baseline reports for:
    • Data Quality – Assessment of data and documents against RDL rules e.g. completeness of attribution, picklist, length, format rules, UOM values as well as check process connections and parent tag integrity
    • Data Consistency – Check consistency of data across multiple source system e.g. design tools, vendor submissions and EPC provided load files
  • Build asset register and document register for the asset based on multiple sources of information


Generated meaningful metrics on current number of outstanding areas required for data remediation and insight on effort required for critical areas and estimate of total effort required to fix all issues.