The Handover Handled

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The easy way for your teams to build the digital asset

Any engineering or construction project knows that ensuring the integrity of information handed over from its various stakeholders is critical. However, this is particularly challenging in an environment of continual change. Today, projects are incredibly intricate with complex global supply chains and multiple suppliers of information across many organisations.

Halcyon is a data centric collaboration platform for project teams, built with industry in mind and based on lessons we’ve learned ourselves, feedback from subject experts and the complex needs of engineering teams.

Not just another collection tool, Halcyon captures the way your teams work together and applies machine learning to data quality and communications to give you powerful insights into both completions and success.

Features for Engineering

Built with the complex needs of engineering projects in mind.

Standards Driven

Built around your information standards and needs

Built in Messaging

Post project messages to everyone or collaborate in real time with your supply chain

Change Management

Attach important decisions to data so a permanent audit trail is maintained

Seamless Integration

Designed from the ground up to work with your existing technology, processes and tools

Easy to Use

Powerful where it needs to be but simple for your supply chain to work with to increase data submission

Transparent Handover

Built in reporting, workflow and approvals means you have total visibility on your progress.

Learn about Halcyon

Everything in Halcyon is carefully considered. We even carefully considered what to leave out. Halcyon was built to do one thing well which is allow teams to collaborate on engineering information and keep a record of the whole process. Designed to augment your existing teams, tools and process but also apply cutting edge technology to give you insight and visibility. Built around the standards you use, a Halcyon project is simple, define your requirements, expose Halcyon to your information supply chain and then manage and control your information.