If you work in any sector where the following problem statements apply, then we can help you:

  • How do I get the information I need out of my supply chain?
  • How do I ensure the equipment/product has conformity and traceability/ provenance?
  • How do I ensure that that the thing I bought is the same thing I specified e.g. meets my requirements.
  • How do I safeguard requirements traceability from design, through procurement and into use, e.g. digital thread.
  • How do I ensure consistency of the data I need for configuration management and that it hasn’t changed.

Our products & strategies are trusted by some of the world’s largest companies and we exist because we care about getting the right digital information for somethings whole life.

Oil & Gas

• Capital Projects
• Upgrades
• Turnarounds


• Aerospace
• Defence
• Advanced Manufacturing


• Water Treatment
• Power Generation
• Networks


• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Pharma


• Road
• Rail
• Airports


• Golden thread
• Construction product traceability

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COVID-19 Notice

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, Kraken IM remains open for business. All of our team have been working remotely for several weeks and our office is currently closed. As much as possible though, it is business as usual and all of our software, services and infrastructure are as unaffected as is reasonably practicable.