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Managing your assets is hard and trying to make a technology transformation as well can make it harder.

In any technology enabled transformation programme it is the people aspects of change that are the most difficult to get right. Kraken consultants can work to guide your team or even be embedded into it to help you deliver the people change, provide domain expertise and subject matter knowledge, so that the business benefit is delivered and inherent risk is effectively mitigated.

Our experts can help you think about asset management in a new way. Drawing on our deep industry knowledge we can help you define policies, strategies, procedures and activities and tools to business objectives.
Services Include:

  • Feasibility studies and information Business Case development
  • Specification creation & Assessment
  • Educate your teams on how to get the most out of their existing data & tools

Halcyon as a Service

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Halcyon is a tool specifically for solving the challenges of information handover by building a collaboration platform for your whole information supply chain. Super simple to manage and super powerful.

Optionally we can supply Halcyon with one of our team embedded who can:
  • Engage and educate your supply chain to increase information handover quality
  • Configure and deploy your handover specification
  • Supply a standards compliant handover specification if you don't have your own

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