Strategic Consultancy

Kraken IM are thought leaders in the development and implementation of  information management strategies for engineering, ops and maintenance and we can assist you in building strategies to make sure you get the right data at the right time and that this information is of value through it’s entire lifecycle.

We’re subject matter experts in IM but make no mistake we understand that your strategies need to work in the real world. We can help you develop and implement processes, procedures and help your people in ways that work in practice and don’t just look good on paper.

Information management is distinctively different from information technology. Investment in your IT might yield the corresponding impact on organisational performance, whereas investment in IM has shown to positively influence organisation and project performance.

Strategy Development

 Business Case Development

Kraken have a major area of expertise in the development of business cases, we can offer with in-depth practical experience of developing business cases for enterprise engineering information management strategies to help build a case to better manage your engineering information

 White Paper development 

Our strategy white papers have been actioned by an entire industry, we offer a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and can work collaboratively with you to develop white papers and strategy documents that feature thorough research as well as our in depth knowledge.

 IM Reviews

We are IM experts and our reviews have been used to help define the flow of information on multi-billion dollar projects both prior to contract award and in-flight, we can help you with the following:

  • Development of enterprise IM strategy
  • Benchmark & gap analysis
  • Adopt & integrate standards
  • ‘Cold eyes’ review of existing strategies and specs

Managed Services


Our software provides a genuine off-the-shelf SAAS solution to automate the collection of the high-quality information that you need for your engineering or manufacturing process, with minimal onboarding we can have you up and running in days.

But tight budgets, limited resources, and shifting priorities may impact your ability to manage and action this information.

Kraken IM can provide you with a managed offering where we provide you with resources as well as the software, with our managed service you can. :

  • Provide you with personnel to run our software in line with your needs
  • Maximise adoption, engagement, training and expediting
  • Creation of actionable reporting and insights

Kraken can work as an extension of your team freeing you up to do the do the clever stuff whilst we sweat the details.