Kraken exist because we care about getting the right digital information for somethings whole life. We make software that creates a golden digital thread from design intent through to use.

Our software is designed to work the way that you work and integrate with your existing processes and tools. It is also designed to make collaboration with your supply chain better and level the playing field when it comes to specifying and receiving information from them.

Two products, one family, web based tools designed to ensure that the requirements are communicated and then met. 


Your journey starts with Phoenix, a requirements management tool to make sure your digital requirements are communicated to all your stakeholders and supply chain.

PHOENIX = What did I specify?


Halcyon is a data collaboration platform that ensures the right data is delivered at the right time.

It provides all stakeholders with a hub to supply, validate and approve engineering data then creates an immutable record of that data.

Halcyon automates the capture of granular engineering data and improves collaboration across the supply chain.

HALCYON = Did I get it?

Both tools can be implemented in isolation but using both allows automated requirement and deliverable matching for configuration management.

Both tools can capture information transactions as part of a distributed ledger, creating an immutable record of your design intent through to use.

You get a historical record of the data at all the points changes are made, improving:

  • Transparency
  • Traceability
  • Collaboration

Developed for the engineering & construction sectors their technology can apply to any industry that has complex data and traceability is essential.