What is CFIHOS?

CFIHOS stands for Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification (pronounced “see-foss”) is an emerging industry  standard for a consistent approach to information handover and beyond.

Above all, it is intended to help with the following:

  • Get the right information needed to operate, maintain and decommission a facility
  • Share the information simply with other users and systems
  • Find the information again quickly when needed

If you would like to know more about the standard then check out our blog.

CFIHOS now transitioned governance from USPI to the IOGP and will be managed under Joint Industry Programme 36 (JIP36).

Kraken IM are core team members of CFIHOS/JIP36 and active in the standards’ development. Therefore we are leaders in educating, implementing and integrating CFIHOS.

Version 1.4 of the standard was released in 2019. It includes a data model, a dictionary of common terms and definitions, a set of contractual specification documents and implementation guides.  

Its objective is to achieve standardisation of the data requirements issued by the owner-operators to the supply chain.  It can significantly reduce your costs for generating the data that the owner operators need.  

Furthermore, the standard enables integration and data reuse across  your projects and supply chain. Finally the whole supply chain can talk the same language.

Phoenix and Halcyon are both available pre-configured to version 1.4 out of the box and we can make your own requirements CFIHOS compliant or our consultants can work with you to get CFIHOS ready


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