Extending CFIHOS For GHG

Accounting for greenhouse gas is a complex process, especially for emissions that occur across the extensive supply chain and contract landscape.

According to Boston Consulting Group only 9% of organisations can measure their total greenhouse gas emissions comprehensively.

Illustration of the 3 scopes of carbon emissions
The 3 scopes of carbon emissions.


  • Create consistent and accurate carbon accounting from pre-FEED through to Ops for embodied and operational carbon
  • Estimate lifetime design carbon footprint before any material or equipment is bought or selected
  • Understand the impact of your supply chain and equipment choice
  • Use a framework understood by the energy and process sectors
  • Track and measure scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions from a project supply chain through to handover

Work Undertaken

  • Creation of extended version of the CFIHOS RDL and data model
  • Alignment of the RDL to existing environmental/GHG standards (ISO 21930:2017, EN 15804, GHG Protocol)
  • Presentation to the CFIHOS membership face to face in September 2022
  • Creation of a new FR (feature request) to be fed back and included in future versions of the standard


CFIHOS based GHG data collection that aligns to multiple existing calculation methodologies.