Owner Operator CFIHOS Implementation

Client required interoperable and manageable class library based on the CFIHOS standard. Aligning existing internal requirement sets to CFIHOS to implement a company-wide reference data library for use in future projects.


Multiple regions, business units, assets, disciplines and other internal stakeholders had developed their own requirements. Alignment was required between these stakeholders to a new company CFIHOS based standard. The new standard also had to map to any relevant internal standards and be used to load & configure target systems.

Example of aligned template
An example template.

Work Undertaken

  • Performed alignment of company equipment types, attributes and doc types with CFIHOS
  • Enriched CFIHOS with company specific requirements
  • Developed a superset company class library and the ability to create subset, project or asset class libraries
  • Delivery mechanism to collect data
  • Rationalisation of existing class and property names
  • Stakeholder engagement and reporting to show the delta from existing requirements
  • Developed maturity model and attribute groupings to define when and who was responsible for information delivery


CFIHOS based class library now in use across the organisation and used to configure and load target systems as well as collect project data from the supply chain.