Data Management for Capital Projects.

Kraken IM delivers accessible, portable data, ensures compliance across your supply chain, and fulfils your decarbonisation goals.

Experts in information management.

Kraken IM enhances your capital projects with efficient data solutions, ensuring compliance and sustainability.

Optimise Costs

Reduce costs by making data accessible and portable.

We make your data available to everyone who needs it, wherever and whenever they need it, reducing wasted effort and streamlining your operations.

Ensure Compliance

Reduce risk by ensuring information meets your standards.

Our platform guarantees that your supply chain information complies with your standards, so you can spot errors easily - reducing risk and enhancing safety.

Drive Sustainability

Decarbonise your projects, assets and supply chains.

Our uniquely comprehensive carbon data and insight into how your assets are built give you the tools you need to hit your sustainability targets with ease.

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Accelerate Data Collection


Manage and streamline your data requirements seamlessly.

Driven by your own information standards.
Bring your whole supply chain together in one place.
The data you need, validated, and on time.
Cutting-edge cloud first SaaS with full API support out of the box.
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Drive Sustainability

Halcyon Carbon

Decarbonise your project and meet your sustainability targets

Estimate your emissions before any procurement, construction, or operations have even taken place.
Work out your actual emissions based on supply chain and operational data.
Create verifiable reports of your carbon footprint for reporting or regulatory needs.
Leverage our AI-powered tools to easily match your data with emissions factors from our extensive library.
Emissions Library
Use our world leading emissions library to get started quickly.
Halcyon Carbon screenshot

Kraken IM are the CFIHOS experts

CFIHOS is the future of information management in the oil and gas industry. We are experts in CFIHOS and can help you get the most out of your implementation.

CFIHOS Leaders
Our CEO, Ian Cornwell, is the chair of CFIHOS leadership committee.
Long-Term Contributors
We have been long-term members of the CFIHOS community and contribute heavily to the development of the standard.
CFIHOS Implementations
We have implemented CFIHOS for multiple clients. You can read a case-study of one such implementation here.
We have released a free tool, Phoenix, to expose the CFIHOS templates to the open community.

We're also experts in

Information Consultancy
We can develop tailored information management strategies to ensure you get the right data at the right time, enhancing its value throughout its lifecycle. Our expertise includes creating practical strategies, developing robust business cases, and producing influential white papers backed by thorough research and industry collaboration.
IM Reviews
Our experts can conduct detailed IM reviews to define the flow of information on large projects. We can assist in developing enterprise IM strategies, performing benchmark and gap analyses, adopting industry standards, and providing objective reviews of existing strategies.
Managed Services
Whilst Halcyon is very easy to use and can be managed independently, we can also offer skilled personnel who can manage the day to day running of the software for you. This eases adoption and allows you to focus on the strategic tasks while we handle the operational details.
Extension of Your Team
Acting as an extension of your team, we can provide comprehensive support and resources to manage your information effectively. This allows you to focus on strategic tasks while we handle the operational details, ensuring smooth and efficient information management.
Emissions Classification and Reporting
Using our world-leading emissions library and our cutting-edge AI powered tools, our experts can take the data you already have and quickly turn it into an accurate, verifiable emissions report. Giving you the insight you need to track and reduce your carbon footprint.