Capital Projects

Any engineering or construction project knows that ensuring the integrity of information handed over from its various stakeholders is critical. However, this is particularly challenging in an environment of continual change. Today, projects can be incredibly intricate with complex global supply chains and multiple suppliers of information across many organisations.

Halcyon was conceived to support capital projects and making sure that the right information gets delivered at the right time.

Halcyon is a data-centric collaboration platform for project teams, built with industry in mind and based on lessons we’ve learned ourselves, feedback from subject experts and the complex needs of engineering teams.

Halcyon is also the world’s first blockchain enabled engineering information platform meaning data submitted is permanently certified to exist and unchanged as well as independently verifiable.

Halcyon allows owners and contractors to set their information requirements and collect their data directly from the supply chain, allowing a level playing field for every supplier towards your digital aspirations and ensures that you get the right data at the right time.

Standards agnostic but is available pre-configured with popular information standards such as CFIHOS or BIM/COBie.